Washable Lorena Canals Rug - Galleta Blue

R 2,450.00
Type: Rugs
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The Galleta rug in Blue has beautiful scalloped edges and small dots which imitates that of a rectangular cookie. Soft, elegant and playful all in one.  These beautiful rugs are made from 100% natural cotton and are machine washable.  They are produced in Spain and sold in more than 30 countries worldwide.

Size:  160cm x 120cm

Lead times are approximately 5 - 7 working days.

The brand prides itself on quality in every aspect of production, from the finest raw materials to socially responsible labour practices. Handmade by skilled craftspeople, who take care of every detail in the most handmade elaboration process. 


  • Machine washable
  • Handmade
  • Eco-friendly - Natural cotton and non-toxic dyes
  • Lightweight thanks to their soft and flexible composition