Plain Teepee (White / Cream / Dark Grey)

R 1,200.00
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100% Cotton Teepee. 4 pole Teepee.

Dimensions: 110 x 110 x 150cm

Lead time: Produced to order (6 week lead time)

This 4 pole square footprint design fits into the corner of any room, making the best use of its space. It is quick and easy to open up, with thick sturdy poles for maximum stability. It folds away easily too- simply store it under the bed or behind the door when not in use.

This neutral colour lets you add accessories according to your own colour and theme and is also not gender specific.

When all the fun and adventures call for a bit of a scrub the 100% cotton canvas teepee is washable too, just remove the pins from the poles and slide the canvas teepee off the poles. Wash on a cold load.